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At ReturnX, we help businesses integrate digital marketing technologies (MarTech) with their CRM to secure accurate and real-time reporting across different marketing platforms and channels.

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MarTech Can Get Confusing

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Server to Server (S2S) lead & sales conversion tracking

Also known as, web services or API conversion tracking.

  • Assistance with Postback URL integrations (i.e. webhooks) and maintenance.
  • Live tracking and reporting in real-time using web-based dashboards.

  • Real-time server error tracking and feedback.

Google Tag Manager Implementation & maintenance

Google Tag Manager is a powerful tool that can help you manage your marketing campaigns and track the success of each individual marketing channel. Yet, it can get tricky.

We help with GTM integration & events fine-tuning according to your business needs.

Image pixel lead & sales conversion tracking

While it may not be as popular, the pixel tracking is still used across many marketing platforms and digital channels.

CPL & CPA conversion tracking integration & maintenance of your own 3d party affiliates

Are you struggling to integrate and track performance of your own affiliates? Use our existing infrastructure to scale your affiliate marketing efforts.

User journeys design & maintenance

Using best practices, we design and advise on user journeys to achieve optimal CPL and CPA rates.  

Compliance adherence & maintenance

Full local digital marketing regulatory compliance (POPIA, GDPR, and the likes). 

Our systems secure the tracking of all opt-ins, opt-outs, “Do-Not-Contact” list maintenance and more. 

99.4% system uptime

S2S Conversion tracking & API integration and management

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