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Frequently Asked Questions: Performance-Based marketing

Performance-based marketing means that businesses pay only when certain marketing objectives are met. In other words, it doesn’t matter how much work a marketing firm does for them – they only get paid for performance!

We offer performance-based marketing in many different channels including search, social media, email marketing, SMS/Text marketing, and more. You can certainly choose the channels you prefer and that speak better to your target audience.

Not at all! In fact, we only welcome this. Our services are unlike those of your typical agency. In fact, our services will only bolster your current marketing efforts.

Short answer is yes. Depending on your industry, you will start seeing results in a just a few days. Having said that, it will also depend on many other confounding variables such as your landing pages, call centre call back times, product availably, overall brand equity, and more.

Performance-based marketing is a great way for businesses to get their message out and reach potential customers.
Some might be worried that this form of advertising could lead them into scams, but it’s actually one the most trusted forms because companies can prove how effective they are through measurable and real-time statistics about what ads got responses or visits from certain demographics (e..g., males between 18 – 34).

Businesses make a great use of performance-based marketing when budgets are limited and they need to track how many leads and measurable sales they receive from a marketing campaign.

The only way to know for sure how a performance-based marketing campaign will impact your business is by consulting one of our specialists. They’ll help you demystify this new process and suggest the best path forward based on what’s right for each individual company!

Yes, our service offering is designed in a way that allows our clients choose the solution that’s right for them at the time. Speak to our consultants to learn more!

Typically, success means quality leads that convert to new sales. We use in-house solutions and other reputable marketing technologies to track the success metrics in real-time by means of web-based live reports and dashboards.

The benefits of performance-based marketing are many. It can be used to increase customer engagement, improve sales conversion rates and reduce marketing costs across your digital channels.

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