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Affiliate Payment Services & Management

Do you work with multiple affiliate partners / influencers / media agencies that help you drive your marketing campaigns? Are you thinking of introducing more marketing partners & channels to grow your new customer base?

Contact us today to learn how we can help you improve the management of  this critical business function. 

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Affiliate Payments like clockwork

Our infrastructure is built to support hundreds of concurrent affiliate channels and deal structures.

While you focus on growing your business, our professional team will help alleviate some of the hurdles of achieving  business scale.

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Additional Services we offer

Vetting and compliance

We make sure all payable leads and sales are accurately tracked, vetted, verified and approved for monthly payment.

financial reconciliation

Monthly financial reconciliation across all partners and channels.

Financial record keeping

We adhere to regulatory sound financial practices making sure all affiliate partner invoices are requested, received and stored for auditing purposes.

Authorised & Centralised Payment Processing

All approved payments are processed for individual affiliate partner / influencer / media agency.

Individual approach

Not all affiliate partners work on standard deal structures. Our systems are designed to facilitate the tracking and financial maintenance of any commercial structure type.

Affiliate Accounts Financial administration

Any additional financial administration related to the management of 3d party digital marketing partners (banking details update and maintenance, proof of payments, fraud tracking, and the like).

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centralised Affiliate financial management

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