Need new customers?

Since 2013, we've been connecting businesses with paying customers.

the "What"

We acquire new customers across a broad spectrum of industries.

We help retain existing customers, using personalised and human-like automated communication solutions.   

Never disappointed by service delivery

"Having worked with you guys for years, we have never been disappointed by your service delivery".

Ryan Bacher, CEO, Netflorist

Industries we serve







Healthcare products

Healthcare Products

Travel & Tourism

Travel & Tourism

Gaming & Competitions

Gaming & Competitions

Financial Services

Financial Services

Market research

Market Research

the "How"

Channel agnostic approach to acquiring new and retaining existing customers, including affiliate partner marketing, email marketing, SMS marketing, and social media marketing.

Improved customer journeys & experiences, making them relevant, positive, and human.

Retention solution is so much faster and cost effective

"You've made finding new customers and retaining existing ones so simple. Using your services as part of our customer acquisition and retention solution is so much faster and cost effective than other channels.".

Justin Drennan, CEO, Wantitall

"We help new and industry-leading brands efficiently grow their reach through refined partner marketing.
Driving brand awareness and incremental revenue growth."

the "Why"

While following best principles of performance-based marketing, we help improve marketing return on investment.

This means we structure our fees based on measurable deliverables such as CPL (cost per lead) and CPA (cost per acquisition).

Some of our clients

  • Kingprice
  • Netflorist
  • Cotton On
  • Wantitall

Saving immensely on marketing costs

"ReturnX is a great fit for us. The on-boarding process was very quick and straightforward and we only pay for qualified sales, saving immensely on marketing costs".

Johan Barnard, Partner Digital Marketing, King Price

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Attention to detail and creative approach

"Over the years, we've developed a great partnership with ReturnX and their dedication to our business is evident in all aspects. We appreciate their attention to detail and creative approach to bringing new customers to our business."

Josh Collins, Partnerships And Affiliate Marketing, COTTON ON GROUP