About ReturnX

As a business that is exposed to the local online communities, you may know the importance of web traffic and how expensive it can be to acquire it. The cost of SEO and other customer acquisition methods continues to increase and marketing budgets are the first to go. We offer a cost-effective, low-risk way to increase your web traffic and win new customers.

Being one of the very few true performance marketing firms in South Africa, our fees based on measurable deliverables such as CPL (cost per lead) and CPA (cost per acquisition), which help our clients eliminate all the other extra costs revolving around regular marketing strategies.

ReturnX will bring you unique marketing campaigns that result in a large online brand exposure, more customers and most importantly more revenue.

ReturnX Position Statement

For B2C online retailers who are looking for quick and cost effective consumer insights and performance-based online affiliate marketing services, we devote our time and passion to deliver highest quality research studies and online customers by means of our own most profiled consumer research panel and largest online affiliate network, based in South Africa.

Our Values

We own the opportunity to be better and more impactful than we would be individually, while empowering others to be the same.

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Strive for greatness

Empower others

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